FileMaker Integrations

FileMaker Integrations

One of the biggest strengths of FileMaker is its ability to seamlessly connect with other systems and technologies so that your employees can spend their time being productive instead of doing double-entry or jumping through other technical hoops. FileMaker can be customized to talk to your QuickBooks accounting software, another database, or your company website. For example, instead of manually creating your customer estimates in QuickBooks, let FileMaker collect the data for you, then generate the estimate in QuickBooks. Updates or changes to the estimate can be synced to QuickBooks, and when your customer approves the estimate, FileMaker can also create the invoice in QuickBooks. At each point in the process, you have control over your accounting process without having to enter redundant data in two systems.

FileMaker can also be integrated with modern web technologies using PHP. When a prospective customer visits your company website, their submission of a form can create a new FileMaker record in real time, allowing you to stay up-to-date on customer inquiries and view client data immediately in your FileMaker database.

If you’re migrating from another technology platform, your data can be exported into FileMaker in a variety of formats including tab-delimited, CSV or Excel. Our technical experts can help you in this process to maintain the integrity of your data, and assist you in optimizing how your data is organized. Whether you have 100 contacts or 100,000, Island Technologies can help you to best leverage this data in FileMaker.

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Make your FileMaker solution more accessible and engaging by taking it online. Our team can either connect FileMaker to your existing website or develop a new website with a built-in connection to the platform. We expand FileMaker solutions and applications beyond their traditional abilities with custom web features and take advantage of modern web techniques, including responsive design, JavaScript, and CSS capabilities. Learn More >>

Island can provide hosting for your FileMaker solution including two-factor authentication and routine backups to secure your data. If you prefer to host your databases in-house, we can assist you in purchasing hardware, configuration and server setup. Not sure which way to go? Ask one of our technical experts for guidance. Learn More >>

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