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If you have more than one user in FileMaker, FileMaker Server is your best option* for sharing data. Using a server to host your data means that all of your FileMaker users have access to the system whenever they need without having to rely on a specific co-worker being logged in to the database. Furthermore, hosting files on the server insures that your data will be backed up at regular intervals via Filemaker’s detailed scheduling options. Your data can be backed up on a daily, weekly, or other custom interval, and the backup can occur while users are in the system. Finally, FileMaker server allows you to leverage the power of a server architecture to perform complicated reports or other time and resource-intensive operations.

Once you’ve decided to implement a hosted solution, the question becomes who will do the hosting? Island Technologies can host your FileMaker database(s) for a monthly fee, providing backups and leaving the administration of the server to one of our technical experts. VPN connectivity and two-factor authentication can be added to guarantee your data is secure. If you would prefer to host your FileMaker solution in-house, Island Technologies can provide recommendations in server hardware and configuration, or our IT team can purchase and set up the server for you.

Whichever route you choose, don’t wait to leverage the power and scalability of FileMaker Server.

*Peer-to-peer sharing has been deprecated with FileMaker version 18

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Make your FileMaker solution more accessible and engaging by taking it online. Our team can either connect FileMaker to your existing website or develop a new website with a built-in connection to the platform. We expand FileMaker solutions and applications beyond their traditional abilities with custom web features and take advantage of modern web techniques, including responsive design, JavaScript, and CSS capabilities. Learn More >>

One of the biggest strengths of the FileMaker platform is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other technologies. If your company is using QuickBooks for accounting, FileMaker-to-QuickBooks integration can sync your customers, estimates and invoices and make double-entry a thing of the past. FileMaker can also create live bidirectional connections with other database technologies such as Oracle and MySQL. If your data is currently in another platform, Island can help you to import your data via CSV, Excel, or XML. Learn More >>

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