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Iowa ABD

  • Online Configurator
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Every single bottle of spirits sold throughout the state of Iowa is distributed through the Alcoholic Beverages Division. At the time we started this project, every order was tracked and filed on paper. This gave ample room for errors and lost productivity.


Online Configurator

Workflow Automation

Systems Integration


Iowa initially awarded this project to another technology firm. Even though the firm was larger than Island, they did not have the resources available to get the job off the ground.

Iowa ABD needed to find another company who could handle the project, and quickly. That's where Island Technologies comes in. We are here to help you solve your biggest problems, working with you to find the most straightforward solutions.





Store owners, vendors, and ABD employees can log in to a unique dashboard that meets their needs. In addition to building their new web application, Iowa also trusts Island to handle the large amounts of data they process.

We are proud to maintain a level of security that meets the standards of large government agencies.

Website Integration

Inventory Integration

Workflow Automation


No more waiting for a phone call from accounting: once the informationis in the system, it automatically alerts the people who need to know. Additionally, there are only 3 CMS platforms approved for government entities by Iowa. Ours is one of them.

We are happy to see Iowa's system up and running. We are proud to be a part of Iowa's effort to lead the way in how governments handle large-scale data management