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Filemaker Development

Make your FileMaker solution more accessible and engaging by taking it online. Our team can either connect FileMaker to your existing website or develop a new website with a built-in connection to the platform. We expand FileMaker solutions and applications beyond their traditional abilities with custom web features and take advantage of modern web techniques, including responsive design, JavaScript, and CSS capabilities.

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FileMaker for the Web

FileMaker can be used out-of-the-box on the web by team members who do not have the desktop application. Web access can be customized so that only the specific parts of your solution that you want online are accessible. For a more robust experience, a custom website front-end can be integrated with FileMaker’s backend database.

FileMaker Server Solutions

Island can provide support for your FileMaker solution including two-factor authentication and routine backups to secure your data. If you prefer to host your databases in-house, we can assist you in purchasing hardware, configuration and server setup.

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FileMaker Integrations

One of the biggest strengths of the FileMaker platform is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other technologies. If your company is using QuickBooks for accounting, FileMaker-to-QuickBooks integration can sync your customers, estimates and invoices and make double-entry a thing of the past.

FileMaker can also create live bidirectional connections with other database technologies such as Oracle and MySQL. If your data is currently in another platform, Island can help you to import your data via CSV, Excel, or XML.

FileMaker Mobile Applications

With the FileMaker Go app, you can access your company data from an iPhone or iPad without losing any of the power or features of FileMaker. Your team members out in the field can use your mobile FileMaker solution to get client signatures on documents, add job site photos to your database, or scan barcodes.

If you do not already have a FileMaker solution, starter apps can be customized to jumpstart your development project.

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