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For over 129 years, United Bags Inc. (UBI) has helped distributors get the right bags at the right price.

Each order has hundreds of data points shared between the customer, the vendor, and the United Bags sales team. All of that back and forth took too much time and left too much opportunity for (boom) disaster, so they reached out to Island.


Online Configurator

Workflow Automation

Systems Integration


Before we could automate their process, we needed to understand it. We talked with executives, salespeople, administrative staff, warehouse managers– we traveled to their St. Louis location to meet with workers.

We collaborated closely to assess pain points, brainstorm solutions, and incorporate feedback. This input helped us create a simple, intuitive workflow that made everyone's job easier.





There were emails, spreadsheets, notepads, faxes, and phone calls. Tons of back and forth between multiple people and across different time-zones. We put all of that online.

Now customers, vendors, and United Bags staff members each have an online profile. They can log in to see information about current orders, run reports, and input data into dynamic online forms.

Website Integration

Inventory Integration

Workflow Automation


In the first year alone, our system sent over 86,000 emails for them. Emails that, in the previous year, would have otherwise been typed by hand.

Eighty-six thousand of them. UBI is now the first business in their industry to have a completely automated bag-ordering process. We are excited to be a part of their effort to revolutionize their industry.

86,000 automated emails sent

The new system has easily paid for itself. We've seen such a dramatic increase in profit margins and efficiency since working with Island. - COO, United Bags, Inc.

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